Bill Grigorieff - is Central Oregon’s leading and only Certified College Planning Specialist and helps families avoid the costly mistakes that quickly erode college savings, cash flow and retirement assets.

Bill specializes in sending students to private and state colleges without sending parents to the poorhouse.

As President of College Funding Specialists & Wealth Planning Group, Bill is a highly sought after speaker in the college and financial arena due to his expertise in guiding parents through the confusing college process, while answering concerns such as:

  •    How to pay for college if you don’t get enough (or any) financial aid.
  •    Which schools give the most financial assistance and how to get it.
  •    How savings and assets can negatively affect the money you receive from colleges.
  •    The magic number of schools to apply to.
  •    How almost any family can add $100,000 - $300,000 tax free dollars to their net worth.

Bill provides a specialty service in evaluating all financial tools that no ordinary financial planner, certified public accountant, or corporate stockbroker, can offer a client.

Bill is unique in that he considers your entire financial situation, consisting of college, cash flow, and retirement.

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390 SW Columbia Stree Ste. 120

Bend OR, 97702

Office Phone: 541-508-9409

Office Fax: 541-426-5990


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