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College Planning Program
-    Provide a complete Career Search Process
-    Provide College Search with Telephone Counseling Session
-    Complete the FAFSA
-    Complete the CSS PROFILE
-    Complete any other institutional financial aid forms
-    Provide industry-leading SAT or ACT preparation
-    Provide Student Loan Guide
-    We will coach you through the appeals process when applicable
-    Provide recommendations to reduce your EFC
-    Provide 'College Check List' containing what will be done & when; along with
     anticipated completion dates for all steps.
-    Explanation letters and "To Do" reminders will be emailed periodically
     throughout the College Planning Process.

-     Peace of Mind and Much More

What our students and families are responsible for:
Completing college admissions applications
Completing housing applications
Completing "outside" scholarship searches
Completing college essays - We recommend you get the book on our front page for this.
Al a carte products:
SAT Prep, ACT Prep & PSAT Prep - Industry leading test prep features online, video-based courses with expert instruction. Developed by a team of Princeton University graduates, our prep is the most affordable, expert way to maximize your standardize test scores.